venerdì 22 gennaio 2021

Virtual Fashion Weeks, a new way or just a temporary solution?

It's almost one year that the world stopped because of the Covid 19 pandemy.

The world of fashion was greatly affected by this situation, every routine that was consolidated had to change into something new.

One of these changes affected the fashion weeks, virtual shows had to replace completely that crazy and wonderful moment of the year when all the designers met and showed their new collections.

It's a special moments, the conclusion of a long path of research, projects, inspiration, artisanal work, long days of work and fun.

And it's special because you can share it!

But creativity never stops, so in this strange era when everything needed to change, virtual catwalks and digital showrooms replaced the fashion week. 

The question is, will this new digital way become part of the game or we'll be back to normal and crazy fashion weeks as soon as we can?

Probably we'll keep some new habits and we'll learn to work better on digital, but nothing can replace the emotion to show by person the result of your work and ideas that becomes a collection.

What do you think?

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