giovedì 10 dicembre 2020

Unisex ... what does it mean?

Unisex ... what does it mean?

The term was coined in the sixties and ti is composed of the suffix "uni-", coming from the Latin "unus" which means "one", and the English term "sex" ("sex"). In reality the suffix "uni" seems to have been influenced more than anything else by the English words "united" ("united") and "universal" ("universal"), suggesting that its meaning is the more generic one of "shared". In this sense, the meaning of the word "unisex" can be "shared by both sexes". [cit. Wikipedia]

That's what we meant to be when we created the biker jacket both for man and woman!
It means that it can be shared, revisited and adapted to every style and occasion.

Look at the pictures .... don't you think that "sharing" is the best thing to do?!

A universal masterpiece, that's what it is!


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